Strategy Vaults

What are Strategies?

Strategies are smart contracts that manage liquidity on behalf of LPs by automatically placing and updating liquidity positions as markets move.

They reduce risk and improve expected returns for LPs by:

  • allow liquidity providers to better capture alpha through on-chain positions

  • internalise risk management logic, and

  • social the cost of position updates across thousands of depositors.

What are Strategy Vaults?

Strategy Vaults can be thought of as structured products that return market-neutral yield to liquidity providers. The Vault terminology echoes similar products across the wider DeFi ecosystem.

Strategy Vaults offer an intuitive and low-cost user experience for liquidity providers in a concentrated liquidity setting. Rather than having to continuously pick and update price ranges, they can simply deposit to a strategy and start earning yield on their capital.

Moreover, strategies are built in open source by and for the Haiko LP community. This allows liquidity providers to curate the best yield and distribute it democratically.

What is the Strategy Portal?

The Strategy Portal is where liquidity providers build, discover and deploy new AMM strategies. We wish for it to become the home for on-chain liquidity provision on Starknet.

Liquidity providers today mostly operate alone. The Strategy Portal unlocks multi-player mode for on-chain market making, allowing liquidity providers and builders to:

  • Discover and curate the best yield opportunities

  • Create releases and manage their strategy deployments

  • Access essential tooling to monitor, backtest and iterate on new builds

The Strategy Portal is still in alpha release, but will be significantly expanded in the coming months.

How do I build a strategy?

You can start building your first strategy by visiting the Strategy Portal here. Get started in minutes by forking the starter repo and reading through the sample code.

If you have further questions or would like more help, visit our Discord here.

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