Collect points and earn rewards

The leaderboard tracks points accrued by every address that has interacted with Haiko, providing a transparent view of our top users.

User points are rewarded per second of providing liquidity

  1. Total swap fees paid on swaps

  2. Total swap fees earned on LP positions, including managed Strategy Vaults

This means that both LPs and swappers can earn points on Haiko.

You will also earn a 20% share of the points earned by users you refer, if they join using your unique referral link. Please note that this will not apply if the referred user has already interacted with Haiko before.

Participation and contributions

Interacting with Haiko isn't the only way you can contribute to our community. We value all types of contributions, and you can choose to provide value to our community in your own unique way.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Developing strategies and contributing through the Strategy Portal

  • Building dashboards, APIs or other tooling for the Haiko Protocol

  • Reporting bugs, providing feedback, or submitting feature requests on our Discord server

  • Helping answer questions, onboard new community members or moderate community discussion

  • Publishing educational content to promote Haiko

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