Data Encoding

Custom data types

Sphinx uses several custom data types on top of the primitive types offered by Cairo.

We do not rely on the native signed integer type as we rely on math operations that are not currently implemented by the Cairo core lib.


i32 {
    val: u32
    sign: bool

The i32 type is used for storing unshifted limits.


i128 {
    val: u128
    sign: bool

The i128 type is used for storing liquidity deltas.


i256 {
    val: u256
    sign: bool

The i256 type is used for storing token amount deltas.

Limit shifting

For simplicity and efficiency, limits are stored in shifted form by mapping unshifted i32 limits to shifted u32 limits.

Specifically, an offset equal to the largest possible multiple of the market width is applied for shifting and unshifting.

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