Introducing Haiko

Haiko is an audited Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol live on Starknet Mainnet, providing simple access to market making yield with Automated Strategies, amongst other powerful features.

In regular AMMs, liquidity positions are placed across a static price range. In Haiko, positions are replaced by Strategy Vaults, which place and update positions dynamically for users based on custom smart contract logic.

This allows LPs to express their on-chain positions in more complex ways, and earn yield on autopilot.

You can learn more about some of Haiko's unique benefits below.

Strategy Vaults (SVs) and Automated Strategies

Strategies help LPs to manage liquidity by automatically rebalance positions as prices move, adapting to changing market conditions.

Successfully providing liquidity on AMMs is difficult. Strategies help by:

  1. Integrating custom smart contract logic to help liquidity providers better express their on-chain positions and capture alpha

  2. Reducing risk for LPs by internalising risk management logic

  3. Reducing gas costs for LPs liquidity providers by socialising the cost of position updates

  4. Curating the best yield opportunities and distributing it democratically through community features and rewards

Strategies are flexible smart contracts that can be configured to operate on proprietary data feeds and custom signals. For example, LPs can:

  • Create liquidity positions that automatically follow the oracle price of an asset

  • Set dynamic bid-ask spreads based on realised market volatility

  • Remove single-sided liquidity in trending markets or in response to recent price action

  • Dynamically skew price ranges to offset portfolio risk and impermanent loss

Users deposit to strategies via Strategy Vaults. For more information, you can read this section.

You can also learn more about our first strategy here.

Native Limit Orders

Haiko supports native Bid and Ask Limit Orders as a first-class order type, allowing:

  1. Traders to execute orders at precise entry prices and capitalise on expected price movements

  2. Liquidity Providers to express their on-chain positions in more complex ways

Unlike regular liquidity positions, limit orders are automatically filled once the market price reaches the execution price of the order.

For more information on Haiko's Order Types, you can read this section.

Flexible Market Schemas

Haiko markets are ownable and can be customised for different use cases through custom Market Schemas.

Because features like Strategies and Limit Orders are built with a modular design, market owners can choose to enable, disable or upgrade features over time depending on their needs. This offers the flexibility to create custom market types. For example:

  • Linear (V2) pools can be upgraded over time to Concentrated (V3+) pools

  • Dutch Auction Markets can be configured to facilitate token offerings

  • Strategy Only Markets allow RFQ-like quoting for more efficient execution

You can learn more about Market Schemas in this section.

Haiko is audited by Trail of Bits, a leading web3 security and research firm that has audited some of the most secure DeFi protocols. You can learn more about this here.

To test out the mainnet alpha release of our platform, visit our interface here.

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