Listing on Haiko

Permissionless listing

Haiko supports permissionless listing for non-strategy markets. You can create a new pool on the Haiko Interface simply by adding liquidity to the desired pair on the Positions page.

Initialising a new market requires setting the starting price of the market. We pre-fetch the market price of the token pair from Coingecko API, but leave it up to users to set the correct price.

Whitelisting strategy

To protect its users, Haiko will initially operate under a whitelist for strategy markets and owned markets.

These market types invoke hooks to inject custom external code into the AMM logic, meaning they are vulnerable to malicious attack. To prevent this, we require a manual review of all code for these market types.

Requesting a whitelist

To request whitelisting for a strategy or owned market, drop us a message on Discord.

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