Fees & Rewards

Swap fees

Swap fees are fees paid by swappers to liquidity providers, to compensate them for providing liquidity used to fulfill incoming swap orders.

Swap fees are configured at a market level and paid between traders and liquidity providers. For example, a market with a swap fee of 0.5% will distribute the first 0.5% of incoming swaps to active positions before executing the swap.

Swap fees can be specified as:

  1. a fixed rate, set at the point of market creation, or

  2. a variable rate, provided by an external adapter contract. This offers the flexibility to incorporate external data feeds (e.g. realised volatility) in setting swap fees.

Strategy fees

Strategy fees are management fees charged on user deposits or withdrawals by Strategy Vaults. They are implemented by strategy writers as part of the external smart contract logic, and not prescribed nor enforced by Haiko.

Official Haiko strategies will charge a small fee on withdrawals. We expect this to be the primary revenue source for the protocol to fund development and operating costs.


We will actively reward early users and community contributors. Once protocol tokens come live on Starknet, we will also allow token rewards to be streamed to Haiko markets to incentivise liquidity provision and trading.

We currently maintain a leaderboard to track our top users. You can earn points by interacting with the Haiko protocol. Points are calculated based on the sum of:

  1. Fees paid on swaps

  2. Fees earned on filled liquidity positions, including those managed through Strategy Vaults

Users will also earn a 20% share of any points earned by users they refer. To find your unique referral link, visit the Leaderboard page.

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