DeFi Spring

You can now earn STRK rewards by providing liquidity on Haiko across eligible pairs!

These rewards are being disributed as part of the $40M STRK DeFi Incentives Program run by Starknet Foundation over 6-8 months from 22 February 2024. Read our announcement post here.

Incentive Allocation Methodology

We align our Incentive Allocation Methodology to the one used by Starknet Foundation to distribute protocol-level incentives, to ensure fair reward distribution.

Four pairs are currently eligible for rewards:





For each pair, the rewards earned by Liquidity Providers are calculated based on three factors:




Total amount of liquidity provided (in USD equivalent terms)



Duration for which liquidity is provided (in USD equivalent terms)



Proximity of each liquidity position to market price (weighted by the share of each position falling within the expected range of price fluctuation of the pair)

In other words:

  1. Larger positions earn more rewards

  2. Positions accrue rewards daily

  3. LP positions placed nearer to market price earn more rewards (note that volatile pairs will distribute rewards over a larger price range)

How do I collect my allocated token rewards?

To monitor and claim your token rewards, visit Haiko Rewards page here.

Please note that:

  • The Program is run in fortnightly (2-week) intervals.

  • Uncollected rewards from a previous fortnight will be rolled over to the next period and continue to be available for collection.

  • Any STRK tokens not claimed by the user at the end of the Incentives Program will be forfeited and returned to Starknet Foundation

Benefits to participating in the Program on Haiko

Several other AMMs are participating in the DeFi Incentives Program. Here are some reasons you may choose to participate through Haiko.

Maximise rewards with Strategy Vaults

As explained above, rewards are distributed to participating users based on the productivity of their positions, amongst other factors.

A unique benefit of Haiko is the availability of Strategy Vaults, which automatically manage and rebalance positions around market price as prices move.

In other words, depositing to a Strategy Vault will allow positions to be optimised for maximum productivity (and rewards).

Earn a larger share of rewards

Haiko offers LPs the chance to earn a larger share of token rewards and grow with our protocol.

Since we are a relatively new AMM protocol on Starknet, you will be able to make a larger contribution on Haiko as compared to other AMMs, and be entitled to a greater share of rewards.

Come grow with us!

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