Haiko AMM

What is Haiko?

Haiko is a novel Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol for efficiently trading and providing liquidity on Starknet. It offers powerful features like Automated Strategies and native Limit Orders to provide a 10x user experience for liquidity providers and traders.

How is Haiko different from other AMMs?

In regular AMMs, liquidity positions are placed across a static price range. In Haiko, positions are replaced with Strategy Vaults, which place and update positions dynamically for users.

This allows LPs to better express their on-chain positions, manage risk, and earn higher yields on their capital.

Architecturally, Haiko is most similar to Uniswap V4. It is a:

  • Concentrated liquidity AMM with a singleton contract design

  • Advanced exchange protocol with native limit orders, dynamic fees, customisable market schemas and other advanced features

  • Customisable protocol with extensible strategies that update positions before user swaps, socialising the gas burden of position updates across liquidity providers

You can learn more about order matching, position and order types, market schemas, and fees and rewards in this section.

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